If you are visiting Enclave for the first time you should expect to meet a diverse group of friendly and accepting people from all walks of life. Whether you are dressed to the nines or completely casual, we hope you feel welcome. As the music starts, you will notice that it is mainly contemporary, but we also enjoy singing modernized hymns.

During our worship gatherings, expect the main focus to be Jesus Christ, our great and mighty Savior and King. Our desire is for Christ to be exalted in our worship as our greatest treasure. 

You can expect the sermon to be from the Bible, to exalt Jesus and to be aimed at your heart. In addition to the sermon and worship songs, we participate in corporate communion twice a month. Our hope and prayer, is that the Lord will use the Scriptures, the Lord’s Table and worship songs as kindling to fuel our affections for the Lord Jesus as the Holy Spirit opens our eyes to the beauty of God’s Son and his gospel. In all this, we are expecting God to transform us into the very image of the Christ we worship.

At the end of the teaching time, our elementary age children (grades: 1-4) who normally will have been in Sunday School, will join us in worshipping our God in song.

At Enclave we value creative expression, and so you can expect to see art from our people on the wall, and sometimes we will have worship stations as a creative way to respond to the day’s teaching from the Bible.